The LBD - Your BFF

A little black dress is something I would always recommend as a wardrobe staple. Whether you like to stay classic or jazz it up with accessories It's the ideal blank canvas to show off your personal style.

The best part about wearing a simple LBD dress is you can really go to town with the shoes and/or handbag particularly with a pop of colour to catch the eye! If you remember from my previous blogs Black can be draining on some complexions so I would opt for rose gold accessories to add extra warmth and reflect a flattering light upon the face.

Finding a style that suits you, makes you feel good & comfortable is the key to great LBD. Once you have mastered the right silhouette this is enough to showcase a stylish look. My personal favourite has sleeves but sleeveless may be the one for you! 

The above dress is sumptuously elegant with beautiful detailing at the back from Noa Noa Black Velvet Dress - £149 and the one from the cover photo, is fun, flirty yet still a classic flattering style from Yours - Black Lace Knee Length Skater Dress £36.99. 

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