The Confidence That Comes With a Good Perfume

Did you know that spraying a perfume can make you feel more confident and glamorous? 

The most important perfume tip I can give is choose a scent that inspires you, pleases you and brings out something from within. Rouse that confidence and glamour!

How will you know that you have selected the right scent? Simple - one spray. One spray of the right perfume should make you feel fabulous, instantly. That’s exactly how I feel about Marc Jacobs Decadence - available from The Perfume Shop, Debenhams & Boots. 

Marc Jacobs Decadence is an invitation to indulge, with it's sensual woody scent symbolising the ultimate in feminine glamour and sophistication. The fragrance instantly captivates with succulent Italian plum, rich Bulgarian rose and sensual liquid amber to give you a signature of pure indulgence. All this Decadence is encapsulated in a revolutionary bottle design inspired by one of Marc's iconic handbags - now that’s a real ‘scents of style’.

Do you have a favourite? Feel free to share with us if you do!

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