Blooming Lovely!

H&M are delivering up an eye-popping bouquet of florals... a trend you will start to see blooming everywhere this year!

The key to pulling off this botanical trend?

Find pieces that share similar colour tones. This will give off a more streamlined look. Adding a leather biker jacket to the mix lends a certain edge to the romantic form, and no need to play it safe with jewellery - a bolder piece such as a necklace will help break up the pattern. 

Prints can often seem daunting, especially mixed-matched patterns of bright and bold floral. However do you know by wearing a striking pattern this can often detract from any areas you’re self-conscious about (providing the fit also works for you).

Featured are two Floral Blouses both £12.99. They always contrast well with denim, funky yet still feminine. Or you can bring energy to your office-wear by tucking into a pair of high-waisted cigarette pants.

I always love a pocket in a dress. Even more now that I’ve discovered I can always have my lip gloss and business cards to hand! So a big thumbs up for the Floral Print Dress  (£17.99)

Flowers have become my new best friend, just Blooming Lovely! 

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