Parking at Eastgate Shopping Centre is easy with 1,350 spaces (50 disabled parking spaces)!

We have two car parks to choose from: the Eastgate Car Park and the Falcon Gallery Car Park. The Eastgate Car Park can be accessed from Millburn road, next to Cinnamon Restaurant and Crown Road. The Falcon Gallery Car Park is also accessed from Millburn Road, next to Morrison’s.

Eastgate car park pay machines on level 1 & 4 now accept card payment along with Falcon Gallery car park pay machine in the main lift lobby level 2 also accepting card payment.

Eastgate Car Park

Monday - Saturday8am - 7pm
Thursday8am - 8pm
Sunday10am - 6pm

Falcon Gallery Car Park

Monday - Sunday  6am - 12 midnight

Up to 4 hours

Up to 6 hours

Up to 10 hours 

Up to 12 hours 

Up to 18 hours 

Up to 24 hours 

Thereafter £10 per day.

Essential Concrete Repairs - Improving your experience at Eastgate Shopping Centre...

Due to wear and tear, essential concrete repairs are scheduled to take place in our Falcon Gallery car park.

Phased repairs to Level 2 of Falcon Gallery car park will take place during the day from 5th August - 10th October. The car park will remain open, but with slightly less capacity.

As with any works of this nature, there will be dust and noise. An odour from the waterproof membrane coating is also expected.

The noise will be monitored within acceptable levels and dust will be contained within the compound. We would also like to make shoppers aware that the membrane odour is not dangerous. However, if you think the works will affect your families visit in any way, please feel free to use our Eastgate car park - accessed via Millburn Road and Crown Road.

The landlord and Centre Management team are committed to ensuring we offer the best quality experience to our shoppers at all times.

Throughout the works, directional signage will be in place. However, if you have any queries or concerns, please contact Eastgate Centre Management.

Update 10/09/19: Phase 1 of the essential concrete repairs to Level 2 of Falcon Gallery car park are now compete. We are now moving on to Phase 2 of the repairs (please see the highlighted area below), starting on 16th September - 25th October. The works will take place during the day, with the car park remaining open, but with slightly less capacity.

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